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Epycenter songs are online!

2010-01-01 11:31:38 by SimPelyRocks

Besides my music on Newgrounds, I also play in a metalband called Epycenter.
Last week, we received the songs from the studio and put them on myspace.
Feel free to check it out.

Epycenter Myspace

Yesterday, I found the correct wires to connect my keyboard to my pc (that without using the mic-in jack).
So I plugged in my wire in my roland e-50 and connected it to my pc. Not a second later, I went recording my improvisation. I'm really having fun with it.
Everybody can do it on their own level of skills. I also found a link to an artical that might help you with it.

Have fun and don't hesitate to upload your improvisations

I started with a new soundtrack. It had a really nice sound and then i did something stupid. :P
I copied one of my sound libraries and before i knew the program crashed. I have 4gb of memory and it's still not enough when you work with some descent libraries.
The song wasn't saved, so i lost it. *bummer*
Now I have to start all over again. :(